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 • 10/22/2013 00:15
The Smolensk centre of sociology and marketing "" in July, - August 2013 has lead(carried out) researches of a political situation in Smolensk area.
 • 10/22/2013 00:14
The Smolensk centre of sociology and marketing "" has lead(carried out) the next marketing research of the market of bakery products in Smolensk
 • 11/08/2011 23:13
Smolensk does not hand over advanced positions
 • 10/19/2011 23:22
The Smolensk delegation will take part in an exhibition " Safety and a labour safety-2011 "
 • 10/15/2011 14:12
Achievements of Smolensk landowners are submitted at the All-Russia exhibition "Mellow autumn"
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REALLY QUICKLY? it IS really TASTY? The review of the market of products of fast preparation.
In middle of 90th years products of fast preparation have recommended themselves as the goods consumed not from good life. Now the target audience of this product wants to save time, instead of money. Vermicelli, porridges, broths and soups gradually absorb in themselves the big consumer value, acquire the accessories doing(making) them convenient in use, and the set of components becomes more complex(difficult). And according to research of agency " business - rating ", the market of products of fast preparation - dense enough market on which any more did not remain " empty places " and goes rigid competitive struggle between manufacturers. According to company ACNielsen, already in 2002 sales volumes have grown in cost expression in all segments of the market of products of fast preparation. Products of fast preparation became a habitual part of modern culture of consumption. In opinion of experts, this market - in particular the segment of vermicelli / noodles of fast preparation, - is on a pique of the saturation: to manufacturers all becomes more complex(difficult) to find perspective niches and to trace actual tendencies of demand. Consumer preferences in sphere of products of fast preparation have undergone significant changes since 1999 when dynamical development of this market began. If earlier for the consumer as one of the basic motives of purchase the price now preferences were displaced aside economy of time, instead of money acted. The sharp urgency of the low price which is provided with local manufacturers, characterizes only regional demand. Among capital consumers loyalty to the high-quality natural production having such additional characteristics, as convenience of preparation grows. Manufacturers see prospects of development of the market in creation of the products having in high consumer cost. Such production - in qualitative packing and with complex(difficult) structure of components - is now especially claimed, is especial in the capital market, and the target audience is ready to pay for it(her). Market condition varies, and the largest players try to approach(suit) to own production flexibly. Experts observe increase of demand at production in firm packing that speaks about desire of consumers to absorb products of fast preparation outside of a house: at office, on picnics, on fishing etc. At the same time more complex(difficult) and qualitative components are applied. The attitude(relation) to a product changes also - it becomes more approached to western where the consumer audience of products of fast preparation was precisely generated as a generality of people, time, instead of money. For a qualitative product which it is possible to prepare within 3-5 minutes, are ready to pay in addition. The tendency dictates demand, both vermicelli in flat dishes and glasses already restricts bricketed products. The consumer find "" products Prego of company USTP in tin packing. Already in firm packing make porridges of instant preparation. Agency " business - rating " has estimated consumer preferences as packing vermicelli / noodles of fast preparation, result of this estimation was that overwhelming majority of consumers - 87 % - prefer firm packing which is more practical:
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